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Our Services

Activism Studio offers consulting and activations to help individuals and organizations harness the connection between awe and climate action. We also create resources for changemakers to explore the potential for awe to connect individuals to the collective and to seed a moment of change. 

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Keynote Speeches

Keynote speeches designed to inspire 'Awe-based Activism' and cultivate a deep commitment to climate justice.

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Panel Discussions

Engage with our team, explore 'Awe' in relation to climate action and strengthen community through storytelling. 



We aren't in the business of manufacturing 'awe', but we do create opportunities for awe to arise. We explore ways to harness the power of awe to spark a deep sense of curiosity and reduce the feeling of ambivalence towards climate action. 



How might an infusion of awe transform the way your organization approaches its environmental work?

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